Englefield Oil Company delivers fuel, motor oil, and industrial lubricants including fluid reclamation. Englefield Oil operates Duke/Duchess convenience stores.  

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Englefield Oil Company is a diversified, full line, fuel and lubricants supplier and related services to wholesale and retail markets in the State of Ohio.

We are the jobber for BP, Marathon, and Valero providing dealers with excellent service and pricing on these 3 major brands of fuel throughout Ohio.

On a larger scale, Englefield Oil Company provides fuel to businesses in transport quantities and on site fleet fueling. 

We are your headquarters for Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Ohio.

We also deliver automotive Name-brand motor oils and industrial lubricants such as SHELL and Pennzoil/Quaker State to your business location in bulk, totes, drums, kegs, pails, and case lots.

Englefield customers enjoy purchasing their favorite deli sandwiches, snacks, and beverages when visiting the Duchess convenient stores. Plus they save on fuel using the Duchess Crown Card.

These are just a few ways Englefield Oil Company has become an important member of so many communities throughout Ohio since 1961.

Englefield Oil Company has grown into one of the largest independent fuel and lubricant distributors and convenient store chains in Ohio by building strong, long-lasting, relationships with our customers, our suppliers, and our employees.

Thank you for your business, your support, and your loyalty!

Customer Service--Lubricants 1-800-837-4458 [Lube Orders]

Fuels Sales--Transport Loads 1-800-282-1675, x3059 [Fuel Orders]

Fuels Sales--Tankwagon Deliveries 1-800-276-5216

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Englefield Oil is DPQA (Distributor Product Quality Assurance) certified by Shell.

Englefield Oil maintains the proper product chain of custody and product quality levels for bulk lubricants handling, packaging, and safety.

Englefield employees demonstrate a high level of training in product handling and procedures applicable in bulk lubricant operations.



We are your headquarters in Ohio for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. 

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