Englefield Oil Co.

F.W.Englefield III started Englefield Oil Co. in 1961 with 3 service stations and an office in the basement of his home.

From Englefield Oil Company's inceptions, there have been many changes in the petroleum business, each of which has represented an opportunity for growth by its management.

Today, Englefield Oil Co. has annual sales over $1 billion dollars and employs over 1,500 people!

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123 Duchess Shoppes

Englefield Oil Co. Currently operates 123 Duchess Shoppes Convenience Stores

7 Fast Food Franchises

4 Taco Bell; 2 Subway; 1 Long John Silvers

4 Commercial Stations

Englefield Oil Co. operates 4 commercial unattended fueling stations


4 Warehouses

Englefield Oil Co. currently utilizes 4 bulk/packaged lubricant warehouses

150 Vehicles

150 vehicles are currently available to service our customers

1,500 Employees

More than 1,500 individuals are employed by Englefield Oil Co.