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Our mission is to supply your lubricant, diesel exhaust fluid, additive, chemical and cleaning product needs throughout the Greater Ohio area.

Our partnerships with major oil producer, chemical and equipment manufacturers spans over 50 years of real world experience. Allowing us to deliver true value to you and your business.

Englefield Oil is one of the only lubricant distributors in the United States that is Alliance Master Certified and DPQA Certified on all lines of business by Shell. Your orders are of the highest quality and our teams are the best trained to help you find the products and solutions that fit your business.

We are your local Ohio headquarters for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We carry 2/2.5 gallon cases, 55 gallon drums, 330 gallon totes, and bulk. On-Site fill-ups are available in our On Site Fleet Fueling Program.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The quality of DEF is critical for selective catalytic reduction systems to operate at their peak performance, we are Greater Ohio’s source for quality DEF products and services.



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We offer a full line of products accompanied by excellent service and pricing. Our company delivers products in case, barrel, tote and bulk quantities.

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We Deliver Success To

We offer a full line of fuel and lubricant products accompanied by excellent service and pricing. Our company delivers products in transport quantities and on-site fueling for:


Single Distributor

​With 4 warehouse locations stocked with packaged and bulk oil, fuel additives, chemicals, floor dry, filters, wipers and more, we are your one-stop-shop for your needs.

Combo Truck Service Fleet

Combine your deliveries of both packaged and bulk goods in a single stop. Reducing freight charges and wait times.

24/7 Emergency Service

With around the clock dispatch and a dedicated on-call team, critical supplies are always within reach. Contact a sales representative to learn more about our emergency services.

Equipment Solutions

​Challenges exist for storage, dispensing and testing. Our team can help you design, build and implement solutions to meet your unique challenges. We are one of the only distributors to offer custom equipment solutions.


Englefield Oil Co.

Established in 1961 by FW Englefield III, we welcome customers like we do our own family, building lasting relationships while getting to know you and your business personally.

It’s this approach that gives your business the personal touch it deserves. Because it’s not just getting you the right products, it’s about providing you the right value.

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119 Duchess Stores

Englefield Oil Co. Currently operates 119 Duchess Convenience Stores and BP fuel sites

7 Fast Food Franchises

4 Taco Bell; 2 Subway; 1 Long John Silvers

5 Commercial Stations

Englefield Oil Co. operates 5 commercial unattended fueling stations


4 Bulk Warehouses

Englefield Oil Co. currently utilizes 4 bulk/packaged lubricant warehouses

100+ Vehicles

100+ vehicles are currently available to service our customers

1,500 Employees

More than 1,500 individuals are employed by Englefield Oil Co.