Englefield Oil Company delivers fuel, motor oil, and industrial lubricants including fluid reclamation. Englefield Oil operates c stores and truckstops.  

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Shell Oil Products U. S.Englefield Oil has partnered with Shell Oil Products U. S. to distribute the highest quality lubricants in the industry since 1986, covering the State of Ohio.

From automotive motor oils and transmission fluids such as Formula Shell, to aviation lubricants called AeroShell, and commercial fleet lubricants as well known around the world as Rotella, Englefield Oil has the local warehousing, personnel, and delivery capabilities to handle any customer's needs in a timely fashion.

Englefield Oil also handles the complete line of Shell Industrial products, such as hydraulic oils, gear oils, turbine oils, way oils, compressor oils, natural gas oils, power generation oils, electrical oils, construction lubricants, and grease.

Quantities and sizes include Bulk, 55 gallon drums, 300-500 Gallon Totes, Kegs, Pails, Gallons, Quarts and Grease Tubes. Englefield Oil is an authorized re-packager of Shell products.

Distributor Product Quality AssuranceEnglefield Oil is DPQA Certified by Shell.

Meet our Industrial Lubricants Team...

John Craig--(STLE-CLS Certified)
1-800-282-1675, ext 5900
Cell 1-740-403-0001
Kurt Phillips
1-800-282-1675, ext 5917
Cell 1-614-595-8856
Elmer Teuscher
1-800-282-1675, ext 5921
Cell 1-330-351-6169

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Shell Lubricants announces the "New" Rotella T MG 15W40 meets API CJ-4 standards. Click here.

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