On-Site Fueling

Our mission is to give your employees a head start on their day by providing equipment that is fueled and ready to work. Reduce idle waiting while fueling equipment and get more accomplished in the same amount of time.

Are you missing time and money savings? Use our easy calculator see where you can add savings.

Tank Wagon (4,000 Gal. or less) 1-800-276-5216

Transports (4,001 Gal. or more) 1-800-282-1675, x3059



Whether your equipment rolls down the highway or across the dirt, we will come to you and make sure your machines are ready for work with full tanks.


See fuel consumption by each piece of equipment to visualize where maintenance is needed or where efficiency improvements can be made.


Tightening emission regulations mean the addition of DEF on modern diesel equipment. Our trucks feature separate DEF compartments allowing us to fill both your fuel and DEF tanks in one delivery.


Reduce the risk of accidents and the liability that comes with having your own personal be responsible for correctly fueling their own equipment.


Your fuel delivery can be premixed with your choice of fuel additives to help eliminate common fuel issues, providing your equipment a custom mix to match its needs.


You can expect consistent, high quality service and fuel from our experienced professionals. Our personal treat your equipment like it was their own.

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We’re always looking for great people that will help deliver our mission and focus in on our vision to put Englefield Oil and Duchess at the top of their class. Check out the open positions for all our divisions to find the right fit for you.

Total Dedication to our Customers, Employees, Family, and Community


Englefield Oil Co.

Established in 1961 by FW Englefield III, we welcome customers like we do our own family, building lasting relationships while getting to know you and your business personally.

It’s this approach that gives your business the personal touch it deserves. Because it’s not just getting you the right products, it’s about providing you the right value.


119 Duchess Stores

Englefield Oil Co. Currently operates 119 Duchess Convenience Stores and BP fuel sites

7 Fast Food Franchises

4 Taco Bell; 2 Subway; 1 Long John Silvers

7 Commercial Stations

Englefield Oil Co. operates 7 commercial unattended fueling stations


4 Bulk Warehouses

Englefield Oil Co. currently utilizes 4 bulk/packaged lubricant warehouses sites

100+ Vehicles

100+ vehicles are currently available to service our customers

1,500 Employees

More than 1,500 individuals are employed by Englefield Oil Co.